We are a creative
branding, communications & marketing

We believe creativity + passion can transform brands and people. we are relentless at what we do.

What makes us different? Our  unparalleled experience, diversity, and commitment to every client. We’d love to get to know you, and see what powerful experiences for your audience we can achieve together.

Our services

Branding + public relations

We believe that branding isn’t just a logo or a catchy phrase, but a feeling and experience the customer receives when they think of your brand. It’s your energy, story and, passion. We capture who you are and what you stand for and give you a platform to showcase it.

We take our earned media to promote and position your brand into the limelight to generate revenue.

Website design, development + digital strategy

We work relentlessly to position your brand at the forefront of the competition strategically. Through digital and print marketing strategy using social media, web design + development and compelling content. We take up market space for you.

Anyone can create a website. What we create are rich, digital brand experiences that connect with customers on a deeper level.

Event production + workshops

Producing dynamic events is one of our fortes. We specialise in brand, product and service launches and campaigns to give you the leverage you need to introduce the world to your brand or cause.

Our workshops facilitate holistic learning experiences in visual and corporate communication, marketing, diversity + inclusion. We believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with the broader community so that we all grow and thrive together.

Our process



Before the creative work begins, we take time to understand your vision, brand and goals. This serves as a reference tool throughout the project cycle.


Mind storming.

Our team works to design a blueprint for your project, like a roadmap for the transformative journey of your brand.


Review and Launch.

After agreeing on the design + strategy, we move into action through a series of testing, review and then launch.

What Clients Say

'Annalisa's commitment to reaching the most marginalised & underrepresented communities was evident on her work for SoAfrica Festival, and as a result it made the festival inclusive and reflective of the people of Sheffield.'

Sam Holland, Project Manager at SoAfrica Festival

I would like to highly recommend Alina as a trainer. I received training from her in effective project meetings and presentation skills. I found the course innovative, interactive, provided fast results and very useful for my role as manager.

Eugenio Colazzo, Security Operations Manager at Fastweb Italia

I’ve worked with Annalisa on quite a few events and she is a breathe of fresh air. She knows what needs to be done and her due diligence is super inspiring. I’ve learnt what it takes to engage and understand your target audience from her, at a time where having a strong digital presence is essential. Having someone like Annalisa is highly recommended.

Samantha Fray, Director of Boujie Media

I attended the writing workshops hosted by Annalisa for Festival of The Mind. It was a great experience for me! She curated a warm and welcoming space, giving all of us the opportunity to express our thoughts and feelings without judgement. It was clear that she put tremendous effort into making sure the collaboration with the workshop facilitator and the University of Sheffield worked at its best for everyone, and it was a dream! Annalisa kept us updated all the time about what was going on and what the plans were – it was really well organised!”

Noah Martin, Freelance Journalist

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